22 December 2012

FREE iPad Mini 16GB

Join me and other social media addicts at ChurpChurp, you won’t regret it! #Churprise http://my.churpchurp.com/Putera30/share/Churprise5-iPadMini

#Churprise 5/15 – iPad Mini 16 GB.

#CHURPRISE! ‘Tis the season where we’re feeling generous, and we want all of you to spread the joy and share the happiness too!

Share this and invite your friends to join ChurpChurp, and we’ll be giving away a special prize every day to the Churper who has invited the most friends on board!

Good things come in small packages, like the iPad Mini 16 GB. Start inviting your friends now for your chance at winning this sleek, fun-sized gadget that’s been the talk of the town!

For more information on #Churprise, head on to our blog post: Click here!
This Churprise Grand Prize will be won by the Churper with the 3rd most referrals accumulated from all the Churprise campaigns shared! Here are the 3 Churpers with the highest number of referrals from all Churprise campaigns so far.

This Churprise will run till 10th January 2013 and the winner will be announced on 11th January 2013.
1. Typicalmsian
2. 1000savings
3. liw3n
blogayiedotcomsisinshopping and 464 other Malaysians are sharing this campaign

11 May 2012

Tried out the new #NokiaLumia610 yet? If not, you’re missing out! Get connected with all your friends here

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Customise your perfect Windows Phone experience.

What comes in four delicious metallic colours, tells you where to go, connects you to your family and friends, and still fits into your pocket?

Introducing the all-new Nokia Lumia 610. It’s the quickest way to stay in touch with your friends everywhere – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Chat, SMS, this phone’s connected to all.

Don’t forget the sleek design, 5 MP camera, the apps for all occasions, and gorgeous, customizable interface thanks to the Windows Phone 7.5 Tango OS too. With all that, you can be sure that your Windows Phone experience will be one you’ll never want to give up.

31 March 2012

The #DGHTCOne is the smartphone you have been waiting for. Get yours now online!

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The legendary One has arrived.

Destined for greatness, meet HTC One V.

With a distinct chin and it's compact size, you need to be seen with one. It's got Beats Audio blasting deep fine-tuned details and state-of-the-art camera.

Hop on over to the DiGi Store Online to pre-order your HTC One V today.


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