24 March 2010

N-Gage Classic Games- Free Download

The N-Gage classic had more games than most people seem to realise. Here is our listing on the released, cancelled or otherwise games from the original AAN site. Please note this list is no longer bing updated or maintained.

High Seize - by Red Lynx

Announced at GDC: Pirates! Treasure! Strategy! From the guys who brought you Pathway to Glory. It's time to start believing in the power of Red Lynx, with this strategy adventure. Likely to be the big Christmas 2005 title.

Mile High Pinball - by Bonus.com

Interview With Dennis Roy: Pat Lawlor, the god of pinball design., must be wondering what Nokia are on. 80 stacked tables, all accessible with one singe pinball? It's not Banzai Run, but pinball on the N-Gage screen is going to be a wonderful form factor.

One - by Nokia

Released. Another N-Gage Exclusive title, Nokia move into the world of Beat-em-ups with a mix of 3d graphics, character customisations and extensive N-Gage Arena features. Incredibly smooth graphics, intellignet fighting, and an amazing N-Gage title.

Warhammer 40,000: Glory In Death - by THQ Wireless

Announced - Legendary paper and penicl wargame Warhammer 40,000 will be coming to the N-Gage. Game Workshop's biggest brand will hit the decks for Christmas 2006

Atari Masterpieces (Volume 1) - by Atari

Now Released: It's the 25 cent adventure for the mobile age, as Nokia ship their first collaboration with Atari to bring back Arcade classics such as Asteroids, Battlezone, Missile Command and more to the N-Gage.

Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands - by Red Lynx

Announced at E3: The big 2004 smash hit gets it's sequel. It looks like the action will focus on the Pacific Campaign of World War Two. We're promised more hectic single player action, improved multiplayer, but the smae Pathway to Glory action. This has "Christmas Hit" written all over it.

System Rush - by Ideaworks3D

Reviewed and Released. Tron, Mad Max and Wipeout all seem to have influenced this 3D racer, and being honest, this is a must-have title. Smooth, fast, addictive... Ideaworks3D have got themsleves another winner to join Colin McRae and Tony Hawk.

SSX Out of Bounds - by EA

Reviewed. Strap a plank of wood to your feet and race dow nine original tracks in EA's winter wonderland for daredevils.

Spirits - by Jadestone

Mo9re Details Added: Collectible Card Games, plus Massive Multiplyaer Online Gaming. Bringing together these elements to the N-Gage is Jadestone's first N-Gage title.

Rifts: Promise of Power - by Nokia

Screenshots and Info added. Kevin Siembieda's acclaimed pencil and paper RPG is brought to electronic life in conjunction with a powerful 3d graphics engine. Nokia have been chasing Software Publishers and Develolper Houses, but in doing this, it's a good indication that they'll happily chase new areas for the N-Gage.

Pocket Kingdom - by Sega

Reviewed: There are those who like quick action games. For those that prefer the slower cerebral mix, there are RPG's. Pocket Kingdom looks to have all the standard RPG elements. walk around, fight a bit, meet people, fight a bit, collect items, fight a bit, etc. The difference here? Once you've had a bit of a fight, you can go online and walk around a world of over 1000 over N-Gage users and truly 'Own The Kingdom.'

Payload - by Tantalus

Nokia Blurb Added: Combat Racing game from Australlian developers promises a mix of Interstate 76 and Carmaggedon as you take on all comers in what looks to be a free-form racing/driving quest based game. Due Q3 2005

Civilisation - by Atari

Sid Meir's game can truly be regarded as an epic. Take a tribe of people from prehistoric times to the edge of space as you guide them though millions of years of evolution, constantly battling for supremacy of the planet.

Catan - by Capcom

Announced.The Settlers of Catan is a long, detailed strategy game where you build up resources to occupy the land before your opponents.Capcom's first N-Gage title will be a 4 player Bluetooth Wireless version of Catan, due out in Oct 2005.

Asphalt: Urban GT 2 - by Gameloft

Announced - Sequel to Gamelofts multi platform genre hit of 2004, Asphalt Urban GT 2 screams back to the N-Gage to probably be the first of the Christmas titles on the shelves.

Glimmerati - by Nokia

Reviewed on AAN! Glam Racing Game, and another Nokia in-house title. Prepare for 5 laps of Birmingham's inner ring road as Slade take on The Sweet. Or something. 3-d action released in July 2005

X-Men Legends 2: Dawn of The Apocalypse - by Activision

Debuted at E3: Still waiting on the official press release, but the N-Gage stand at E3 is demoing the second X-Men Legends game from Activision. Titled "Dawn of The Apocalypse," the X-Men team up with The Brotherhood to fend of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The Roots: Gates of Chaos - by Cenega Publishing

Read the AAN Preview. What looks to be a simultaneous release with a full "Roots" game on the PC and XBox machines, the Gates of Chaos looks to be a nice top down RPG promising an "arcade approach" with "a bit of tactics." Feb 2005 will let us know if this is going to be a good idea.

Atari Masterpieces (Volume 2) - by Atari

Announced: It's the vengence of the 25 cent adventure for the mobile age, as Nokia announce a collaboration with Atari to bring back more Arcade classics (we've got our fingers crossed for Pac Man et al). Volume 2 is due out in December 2005.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - by Gameloft

Reviewed on AAN - Demo Released The sequel to the Christmas 2003 Game for the N-Gage promises stealthy 3-D action, rather than a platformer this time around. With the 3-D engine from "Ghost Recon" Gameloft have deliverd an amazing graphical experience putting it on a par with the Playstation versions.

X-Men: Legends - by Activision

Demo Available. It's an adventure game, with some RPG and a lot of fighting. Activision are using the Movie costumes (so no yellow spandex for Wolverine, more's the pity) but the winning comic-book tie-in has been delayed till Q1 2005 - but we've got news on the Arena features, (new missions and games).

Snakes - by Nokia

Released and Reviewed: The N-Gage's signature game has arrived, and it's a perfectly formed slice of arcade action. Addictive, available for free, join in the Outbreak today.

Pathway to Glory - by Nokia

Reviewed and Released. Southern Europe, 1943. The Allies are fighting for every inch against the Axis powers. Take control in Nokia's first exclusive N-Gage game. This turn based strategy game is one of the first to push the N-Gage to the limit in terms of gameplay, content, online interaction and gaming kudos. Has the greatest Vapourware on the N-Gage been worth the wait? Damm right it has. Pathway to Glory, the first Mega Game on All About N-Gage

King of Fighters - by Hudson

The first 'beat em up' on the N-Gage, and what a franchiseto exploit! The fighting engine on the Neo Geo Pocket version would work wonderfully on the N-Gage, so let's hope for a solid conversion. Three on three tag team? Thank you very much!

Colin McRae Rally 2005 - by Codemasters

Reviewed. Easy left, easy left, hard right, incoming haggis. Scottish Rally Champion (and now Le Mans driver) Colin McRae, along with new to the N-Gage Codemasters, brings his popular driving franchise to the N-Gage. It's probably the best Driving Game on any mobile platform and a must buy title in our opinion.

Call Of Duty - by Activision

Reviewed: Nokia and Activision bring the Call of Duty brand, a first person shooter based in World War 2, out for the pocket gamer. Featuring three key moments in the war (D-Day, The Pegaus Bridge Offenseve, and the seige of Stalingrad) Call of Duty puts you in the very middle of the action.

Sega Rally Championship - by Sega

Reviewed. Moto GP made a complete hash at trying to put a Racing Game onto the N-Gage Platform. Sega Rally is a well loved brand name, which raises the bar even more. Now released (in Asia) after a long wait, it turns out they should have strapped this to rocket and sent it out into space, never to be seen again.

Operation Shadow: Theatres of War - by Nokia

Reviewed. Another Nokia N-Gage exclusive game, this looks to be a mix of Command and Conquer with a dash of Rebelstar Raiders. Real time strategy, with 4 player bluetooth multiplayer means this could keep the strategy heads pouring over campaign maps in July 2004.

FIFA 2005 - by EA

Released and Reviewed. Given that FIFA 2004 is one of the strongest titles on the N-Gage, this update could be simply the new teams, or wholesale changes. We'll find out shortly in our full review if it's any good, but certainly the engine and screens look at lot more floating camera than fixed view.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey - by Nokia

Reviewed on AAN. First person RPG from the classic PC and console series. The Elder Scrolls sees you fighting over 50 different foes as you search for the power of the Shadowkeys, as you play as the Assassin, Barbarian, Battlemage, Knight, Nightblade, Rogue, Spellsword, Sorcerer, or Thief.

Worms World Party - by THQ

Screenshots Added. For those who have managed to not play this classic it must be said that these are some of the most addictive and fun turn-based multiplayer games ever made and with the multiplayer potential (online?) of the N-Gage this could be a must have.

Asphalt: Urban GT - by Gameloft

Reviewed and Released.Could this be the first racing game promising as much action and speed as Claude Lelouch's Parisian petrol fest "Rendezvous?" Fingers crossed the customised Lamborghini rattling up the Champs-Elysée can beat Jacky Ickx when you try out the the free demo from Nokia yourself.

Requiem of Hell - by Digital Red

Now Shipping. If Pocket Kingdom is the classic Wargaming RPG, then Requiem of Hell is the classic Hero RPG with an isometric view, a stupidly impossible task, and a lowly blacksmith gathering magical powers as he (or she) progresses through the structured storyline as attempt to do something that appears impossible (like get the girl).

Ashen - by Nokia

Cheat Codes Link Added. From our friends at Torus Games comes another First Person View explore and shoot em up game. More Hammer Horror than Chainsaw Massacre, Ashen promises an atmospheric game experience. Ashen is also one of the first games developed and available only on the Nokia N-Gage... and about time too!

Spiderman 2 - by Activision

Stan Lee's watching over us. Activision and Nokia today announced "Spiderman 2" for the Nokia N-Gage, with 4 3-D Levels and 15 2-D Levels. But is it a fighting game? Or action adventure? Apart from a useful quote that it will "provide a challenging arena to combat a wide range of enemies" we don't know. Spiderman 2 will be available in the summer of 2004.

WWE - by THQ

Screenshots Added. The delights of American (sorry, World) Wrestling Entertainment arrive on the N-Gage, in the first true Beat-em-Up for the N-Gage QD.

Phantom Operations - by SL Interactive

Rumoured Quietly reported as coming from SL INtereactive and Nokia's Asia/Pacifica branch, this isometric turn based supernatural thriller read like a bad Hammer Horror movie, but could turn out to pretty good.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm - by Gameloft

Reviewed on AAN. Presenting a mix of tactical planning and first person shooting, the second in the Clancy franchise promises a bit more action than the stealthy Splinter Cell. You can either move slowly round the target, gather forces and capture it quietly... or do an A-Team and blast in through the front door, all guns blazing.

Tomb Radier - by Eidios

Reviewed on AAN. With Lara you have to explore some of the most dangerous places imaginable, just to find some artefact that all powerful or something. Like all Lara titles the storyline isn't really the point. As good as the PS original this game has to be seen to be believed. The bar is raised on mobile gaming with this game (it could even compete in Japan). With some clever two player features it also takes advantage of the multiplayer aspects of the N-Gage.

Virtua Cop - by Sega

Cancelled? Shoot the bad guys, save the innocent. It's your classic cursor on the screen, Operation Wolf style shoot em up. How the gameplay is going to rise up from that and justify the price of an MMC Game remains to be seen. It could re-invent the genre, or confirm the rumour that in "Point Blank," there is no need for any other shooting game.

Alien Front - by Sega

Cancelled? Read All About N-Gage's preview of Sega's Alien Front, as the forces of good line up to squelch another insignificant planet so they can bring order ot the UNiverse. Or play as the Humans and attempt to fight the Aliens as they try to destroy the Earth. It's all a matter of perspective, in this traditional 3-D action game from Sega.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Team Stealth Action - by Gameloft

The 'steath' genre makes a strong first showing on the N-Gage. None of your running around and shooting everything here. The key to Splinter Cell is keeping quiet, and not being seen. Moving slowly, hiding in shadows and then sneak up behind someone and strangle them. It's a different take on your normal side scrolling shoot 'em up.

Moto GP - by THQ Wireless

Reviewed on AAN. With the retirement of Carl Fogharty, the Motorcycle Grand Prix tour is all the poorer. Can the N-Gage take up the challenge and give you the thrills and spills of the two wheeld championship? Almost, but not quite. Above average graphics are let down by a steep learning curve and some tricky circuits to learn and master.

Lesiure Suit Larry: Pocket Party - by Vivendi Universal

Officially announced by Nokia. Vivendo Universal and Nokia have announced the forthcoming availability of Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Paty developed by TKO Software. The game involves exploring a 3D college campus while solving puzzles and taking place in risque activities. The game is the first for the N-Gage aimed at the adult market. Can Larry Lovage win the heart of Rosie? Only time will tell...

Bomberman - by Hudson Soft

Hudsonsoft bring their classic Arcade Franchise "Bomberman" to the N-Gage. It's heavily pushing Bluetooth Multiplayer, and now the threat of Unique 3D Worlds has been abated (it's 3-d cut scenes and traditional 2-d top down viewpoint for the main game) the purists could be looking at a top notch version of the classic we all know.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 - by Electronic Arts

Reviewed on AAN. It's got a lot to beat. The greatest Golf game ("Golf" on the Nintendo Gameboy) may have a challenge here in Tiger Woods, a man who has a taste for victory and nothing else. Can Tiger claim the prize of best mobile golf game? With the help of the Nokia Arena, we'll find out in May.

Crash Nitro Kart - by Vivendi Universal

Ah, it's yet another "I'm Not Mario Kart, but I'm going to do my best" game. Another franchise from another platform moves onto the N-Gage late summer 2004. It's all in the handling of the car though. Screen shots may look great, and it can talk the talk. But can it run the gauntlet of being a good game?

The Sims Bustin' Out - by Electronic Arts

Control your family, explore the world, learn new skills and trade up. One step removed from your classic "control your hero" adventure game, The Sims franchise makes it way to the N-Gage, with some nice looking N-Gage Arena features.

Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer - by Gameloft

Read the All About N-Gage Review and find out if the second N-Gage Football game can improve on Fifa 2004 (up till now the only "AAN Recommend" N-Gage title)? And can a game sponsored by a defender provide world class action?

Xanadu Next - by Falcom

Another new publisher for the N-Gage platform, and another celebrated RPG. For all those people who were saying last month 'where's the RPG's,' they'll be asking, which should I get?

Driv3r - by Atari

3d action driving game, continuing the driving/adventure franchise onto the mobile Game Deck.

Joe - by Humansoft

Human Soft are hard at work on an N-Gage title known only as Joe, which would be an action title featuring both hand-to-hand and weapons based fighting. It will have 4-player multiplayer and will be released for both the N-Gage and the PSP. Perhaps this will be the first chance for Nokia and Sony to show what they can do with the same title.

Taito Memories - by Taito

Originally to be a launch title Taito pulled this one back for reasons unknown. Speculation and rumor said it was to add a revamped Bluetooth compatible version of their classic Action RPG Cadash, but I'm sad to report that when questioned by yours truly Taito denied this rumor and went on to say that the game would be released in 2004 and would contain 3 classics, not 4, featuring Qix, Bubble Bobble and Super Space Invaders.

FIFA 2004 - by Electronic Arts

EA Sports rolls the first of it's sports licences onto the N-Gage - and FIFA 2004 is an absolute cracker. With a simple control system, but enough depth to sustain a year long league campaign in your own country's league, FIFA 2004 starts to show why the N-Gage is a great console - and that's ebfore you beat your best mate over a bluetooth game!

Virtua Tennis - by Sega

Take to the Grand Slam circuit with Virtua Tennis. Multiple opponets await you in your quest to become the World's number one Tennis Pro. with arcade and career challenges, Virtua Tennis covers all the nessecary points for a sports sim, but doesn't really stand out as a classic game.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater - by Eidios

Another N-Gage launch title from a famous franchise. Practise your skateboarding tricks. Perfect for people like me who trip over any skateboards that come near them (let alone gettig on one of those death boards). Probably good for rainy days if you do the real thing. Coupled with 3D graphics, the N-Gage's speciality, this is one of the hot launch games mainly because it is rather good.

Super Monkey Ball - by Sega

Yes controlling a monkey inside a ball while you race round a course collecting banannas sounds wierd. That hasn't stopped Monkey Ball becoming a suprising hit on other platforms. The N-Gage version is very nice and you'll soon find youself tipping the unit this way and that as your monkey falls off the edge of the abyss for the nth time (listen to the screams). It's a puzzle game and as such is great to pick up and play just for a few minutes. The mini-games that you unlock as you go are fun too.

SonicN - by Sega

Yes our favourite hedhog is helping launch the N-Gage. Along with his numerous friends (Tails et al.). It's a great version on of the most famous franchises of early mobile gaming. Through various levels you guide sonic or one of his chums and speeds that no ordinary hedgehog could possible achieve. Sonic was one the N-Gage launch titles and remains a best seller. Although not showing of the N-Gage's full capabilities if remains a favourite of gamers with a past. Who hasn't played Sonic at some point in their mispent youth?

Red Faction - by THQ Wireless

From the mind of John Romero comes the first First Person shooter for the N-Gage. Similar in style and execution to the classic of the genre (Doom), Red Faction sees you as a miner on Mars in the midst of a revolution. Escaping the mines, you find yourself drawn into a struggle between The Corporation and the revolting miners. And when the adventure is over, 4 player Deathmatch via bluetooth is available.

Rayman 3 - by Gameloft

Rayman is a platform game with a long-ish history. In this N-Gage offering Rayman swings himself through multiple levels collecting poms poms, freeing birds and generally beating up the bad guys. With special powers and thinking required this game is, for those who don't like the shoot em ups.

Puzzle Bobble Vs - by Taito

The classic Bust-a-Move puzzle game turns up on the N-Gage, but it is miles away from being regarded as the classic it should be. Poorly executed gameplay and graphics mean that this is probably the worst MMC Game out there. It may appeal to hardcore puzzle fans, but that's about it.

Puyo Pop - by Sega

Poorly converted Japanese puzzle game. A simple objective (connect 4 or more puyos of the same colour) can lead to an exciting game (see the original Arcade Puyo Pop), but the N-Gage conversion is let down by poor graphics and an incredibly small playing area.

Pandemonium - by Eidos

Pandemonium is a next generation platfrom game. While it has lucious 3-D style graphics, don't be fooled. It's as honest as left/right/jump in terms of character controls. Similar to the Playstation game it was ported from, Pandemonium sees you transported to a deadly world where you have to run, jump, and colelct coins, before finally finding the secret ingredient for a magical potion.

MLB Slam - by THQ Wireless

We've been reliably informed that Baseball is not like Rounders. The fact that there are four bases, a guy with a stick, and lots of running is entirely co-incidental. THQ's Major Leauge Baseball should help clear up the confusion nicely.

NCAA Football 2004 - by Electronic Arts

American Football comes to the N-Gage in the second EA Sports licence. It's only been released in America, so everyone else needs to import it. Strong tactics from the oppostion mean you've a lot of challenging games to get through before you reach the College Bowl Final.

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