14 March 2010

60 Photoshop Tutorials for Photo Touch-Ups

Photoshop has tons of potential for improving photos in one way or another. No matter how much experience you have with Photoshop there is probably more that you can learn in these areas. This is a categorized collection of tutorials that will show you some new tricks for photo touch-ups.
Also see 60 Photoshop Actions for Photo Touch-Ups and Enhancements at DesignM.ag.


Airbrushing – Natural Smooth Skin


Really Cool Digital Make Up in Photoshop in 10 Minutes
Digital makeup
Smooth Skin
Smooth Skin
Ultimate Makeup
Ultimate makeup
How to Smooth Skin
Smooth skin
Remove Freckles
Remove freckles
Removing Freckles

Soften Skin with Surface Blur (video)
Soften skin
Photo Retouching – Skin Photoshop Tutorial
Photo retouching
Beautify a Face
Beautify a Face
Making Skin Beautiful
Making skin beautiful
Super Fast and Easy Facial Retouching
Facial retouching
Reducing 5 O’Clock Shadow and Beard Stubble in Photoshop
Reduce 5 O clock shadow
Easily Smooth and Soften Skin in a Photo
Soften skin
Quick and Effective Facial Photo Retouching
Facial retouching
Retouch Wrinkles
Retouch wrinkles
Enhance Skin
Enhance skin
Remove Facial Imperfections
Remove facial imperfections
Make Up Effect for the Face
Makeup effect
Aging People
Aging people
Fixing Severe Acne
Fix acne
Remove a Tan Line
Remove tan line
Photo Enhancement Tutorial
Photo Enhancement


Make Eyelashes Thicker
Thicken eyelashes
How to Make Eyes Pop

Make eyes pop

Shadowy, Sultry Eyes
Sultry eyes
Apply Eye Make-Up
Apply eye makeup
How to Whiten Teeth and Eyes
Whiten teeth
Changing the Eye Color of Your Photograph
Change eye color


How to Whiten and Brighten Teeth in Photoshop
Whiten teeth
Whitening Teeth the Professional Way
Whiten teeth


Change Hair Color in Photoshop
Change hair color
Curly Hair Enhancement
Curly hair
Color Hair Locks
Color Hair
Create Shining Hair
Create shining hair


Easy Digital Nose Job in Photoshop
Nose job
Digital Nip Tuck
Digital nip tuck


Thinner Waistline
Thinner waistline
Increase Breast Size

Increase breast size


Advanced Color Correction Tutorial that Will Knock Your Socks Off
Color correction
Change the Color of Something in a Photo
Change color
Coloring and Old, Black and White Photo
Coloring photo
Colorize and Old Photo
Colorize photo
Enhance Your Image with Selective Color Adjustments
Color adjustments
Fix Tone and Color with Levels in Photoshop
Fix tone and color


Contrast Layers
Contrast layers
Intensifying Light Sources
Light sources
Adaptive Contrast
Adaptive contrast
Foreground Lighting
Fourground lighting
Simple Focused Lighting Effect in Photoshop
Focused lighting
Adaptive Saturation
Adaptive saturation

General Photo Editing:

Non-Destructive Editing
Non-destructive editing
Make Your Amateur Photos More Professional
Make photos professional
Retouching a Studio Portrait
Studio retouching
Edge Sharpening
Edge sharpening
Non-Destructive Dodge and Burn in Photoshop
Dodge and burn
How to Straigten Crooked Photos
Straighten photo
Selective Focus and Tilt Shift
Selective focus
Blue Glow Dreamy Portrait
Blue Glow
Dream Photo Effect
Dream Photo

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