Some things in life are not so easy to do. Like getting straight A’s in your SPMs. Know what’s easy though? Being famous, and being the star of a DiGi Prepaid’s online banners.
DiGi So Easy
That’s right – DiGi is making it So Easy to be Famous! Wanna be a superstar? No more auditions, casting calls or stalking famous directors for you – all you have to do is upload yourself as a VidStar or Photostar at, and you could be a star in DiGi Prepaid’s online banners at websites such as Yahoo!, Myspace, Friendster and more!
To show you how easy it is, here’s an entry from us Nuffies to be a Vidstar using one of the available templates:
It was so easy, we did it all in 5 minutes! If you wanna let loose with your creativity and come up with a video of your own, feel free to do so! Let’s see which one of you Nuffnangers has the most thumbs ups, so hurry and post up your photos and videos, and drop us a comment with the URL here! :)
For more information on how you can become a superstar with DiGi’s next advertising campaign, log on to
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