24 March 2010

Free Nokia N-Gage Games:

Age Of Empires III

AoE III is a strategy game set in the days of European colonial rivalry, based on the PC game. The N-Gage version features both offline single player and online multiplayer modes.
Genres: Online Multiplayer, Strategy || Publisher: Glu, Developer: Glu, Availability: Out Now (Released in April 2009)

AMF Bowling: Pinbusters

AMF Bowling Pinbusters is a ten-pin-bowling simulator which features online multiplayer gameplay through N-Gage Arena, as well as various offline single player modes.
Genres: Arcade, Online Multiplayer, Sports || Publisher: Vir2l, Developer: Vir2l, Availability: Out Now (Released in June 2009)

Asphalt 3: Street Rules

Asphalt 3: Street Rules is the latest installment in the popular Asphalt series of arcade racing games. The emphasis is on fun and speed rather than realism, Asphalt games are more arcade than simulator.
Genres: Arcade, Racing || Publisher: Gameloft, Developer: Gameloft, Availability: Out Now (Released in April 2008)

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing

Another sequel in Gameloft's extremely popular arcade driving series. This installment features six cities (Los Angeles, Dubai, Monte Carlo, New York, Paris, Shanghai) and 28 cars and bikes made under licence from real manufacturers. There's a Bluetooth multiplayer mode, and internet high score ranking too.
Genres: Arcade, Racing || Publisher: Gameloft, Developer: Gameloft, Availability: Out Now (Released in January 2009)

Blades & Magic

A 3D RPG set in a fantasy world with battles, skills, magic, quests etc.
Genres: RPG || Publisher: Fishlabs, Developer: Fishlabs, Availability: 2010

Block Breaker Deluxe

Block Breaker Deluxe is an up to date remake of the Breakout/Arkanoid genre, with a 1980s theme. You have to work your way through various locations to unlock new playing areas and bonus power-ups.
Genres: Arcade || Publisher: Gameloft, Developer: Gameloft, Availability: Out Now (Released in February 2008)

Boom Blox

Rather unusual this, it's a puzzle game originally released on the Wii and developed in association with Steven Spielberg (yes, that one).
Genres: Puzzle || Publisher: Electronic Arts, Developer: IUGO / Ideaworks3D, Availability: Out Now (Released in December 2008)

Bounce: Boing Voyage

Inspired by Nokia's old embedded game Bounce, this is a rather strange 3D arcade game where you have to guide a red rubber ball through various mazes.
Genres: Arcade, Puzzle, Platform || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Rovio Mobile, Availability: Out Now (Released in August 2008)

Brain Challenge

Brain Challenge provides a variety of different puzzle and logic games. The difficulty increases in conjunction with how well you do, and there are enough variations so that you never play the same puzzle twice.
Genres: Puzzle || Publisher: Gameloft, Developer: Gameloft, Availability: Out Now (Released in April 2008)

Brothers In Arms

Brothers In Arms is a 3D shooter set in World War Two Europe and North Africa. As well as travelling on foot, the player can use a variety of vehicles including a Sherman tank.
Genres: Shooter || Publisher: Gameloft, Developer: Gameloft, Availability: Out Now (Released in July 2008)

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

This is a 3D kart racing game, similar in style to the Mario Kart series.
Genres: Arcade, Racing || Publisher: Vivendi, Developer: Polarbit, Availability: Out Now (Released in December 2008)


Creebies is Nokia's weirdest first party game so far, a sort of cross between (fluff)Friends, Tamagotchi and Animal Crossing. You have to take care of a "Creebi", a small cute monster whose personality and appearance are determined by virtual genes. Amongst other things you decorate its living space, interact with other Creebies in minigames over the internet and through Bluetooth, and even breed new Creebies which take virtual genes from their parents.
Genres: Arcade, Miscellaneous, Online Multiplayer, Simulation || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Gameware Development, Availability: 2009

Dance Fabulous

Dance Fabulous is an N-Gage-exclusive title that uses the music tracks stored on your device with customised avatars and dance moves.
Genres: Arcade, Miscellaneous || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Digital Legends, Availability: Out Now (Released in June 2009)

Dark Knight, The

Based on the upcoming new Batman film, this version of The Dark Knight would apparently have been combat-centred. However, the game now appears to have been cancelled.
Genres: Fighting || Publisher: Glu Mobile, Developer: Glu Mobile, Availability: Cancelled?

DChoc Cafe Hold Em Poker

Part of Digital Chocolate's casual DChoc Café range.
Genres: Card and Board || Publisher: Digital Chocolate, Developer: Digital Chocolate, Availability: Out Now (Released in April 2009)

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