24 March 2010

N-Gage Games - Strategy

Age Of Empires III

AoE III is a strategy game set in the days of European colonial rivalry, based on the PC game. The N-Gage version features both offline single player and online multiplayer modes.
Genres: Online Multiplayer, Strategy || Publisher: Glu, Developer: Glu, Availability: Out Now (Released in April 2009)

Metal Gear Solid Mobile

Metal Gear Solid Mobile is a phone-exclusive 3D tactical combat game based on the extremely popular Metal Gear Solid console series. You're a spy who has to make their way into enemy territory as quietly as possible, with the emphasis on stealth rather than brute force.
Genres: Shooter, Strategy || Publisher: Konami, Developer: Ideaworks3D, Availability: Out Now (Released in December 2008)

Reset Generation (formerly Project White Rock)

Reset Generation, previously codenamed Project White Rock, is a first party game published by Nokia and developed by RedLynx (who did Pathway To Glory and High Seize on the original gen N-Gage). It's a turn-based strategy/puzzle game based around parodies of famous gaming characters, and is available as both an N-Gage title and as a free web-based PC game too. There's an online multiplayer mode for up to four people, and an offline one-player story mode with cut scenes.
Genres: Online Multiplayer, Puzzle, Strategy || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: RedLynx, Availability: Out Now (Released in August 2008)

Worms World Party

Worms is a surreal title filled with strange weapons and silly voices where cartoon worms compete to destroy each other. It's a sort of cross between a strategy game and an episode of Monty Python. As well as offline gameplay, Worms World Party lets you play online multiplayer through the internet in four-player deathmatches, and there's also an online ranking system.
Genres: Arcade, Online Multiplayer, Strategy || Publisher: THQ Wireless, Developer: Team17 (original) / Codeglue (mobile version), Availability: Out Now (Released in April 2009)

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