27 March 2010

N-Gage Games - Online Multiplayer

Age Of Empires III

AoE III is a strategy game set in the days of European colonial rivalry, based on the PC game. The N-Gage version features both offline single player and online multiplayer modes.
Genres: Online Multiplayer, Strategy || Publisher: Glu, Developer: Glu, Availability: Out Now (Released in April 2009)

AMF Bowling: Pinbusters

AMF Bowling Pinbusters is a ten-pin-bowling simulator which features online multiplayer gameplay through N-Gage Arena, as well as various offline single player modes.
Genres: Arcade, Online Multiplayer, Sports || Publisher: Vir2l, Developer: Vir2l, Availability: Out Now (Released in June 2009)


Creebies is Nokia's weirdest first party game so far, a sort of cross between (fluff)Friends, Tamagotchi and Animal Crossing. You have to take care of a "Creebi", a small cute monster whose personality and appearance are determined by virtual genes. Amongst other things you decorate its living space, interact with other Creebies in minigames over the internet and through Bluetooth, and even breed new Creebies which take virtual genes from their parents.
Genres: Arcade, Miscellaneous, Online Multiplayer, Simulation || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Gameware Development, Availability: 2009

Mile High Pinball

Mile High Pinball is an arcade game twist on the pinball concept. Instead of a few set tables, you have to guide a pinball upwards, going from one level to the next and climbing higher until you reach space. The original MHP appeared on the original N-Gage, and this is a higher resolution remake.
Genres: Arcade, Online Multiplayer || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Bonus.com (original gen game) / Ideaworks3D (next gen port), Availability: Out Now (Released in May 2008)

Million Dollar Poker

A poker simulator apparently featuring the real life champion Gus Hansen.
Genres: Card and Board, Online Multiplayer || Publisher: Gameloft, Developer: Gameloft, Availability: 2009

Pro Series Golf

Nokia presents its first ever First Party sports title with Pro Series Golf. This is a fully 3D game, with online multiplayer support including tournaments and other modes.
Genres: Online Multiplayer, Sports || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Mineshaft, Availability: Out Now (Released in July 2008)

Reset Generation (formerly Project White Rock)

Reset Generation, previously codenamed Project White Rock, is a first party game published by Nokia and developed by RedLynx (who did Pathway To Glory and High Seize on the original gen N-Gage). It's a turn-based strategy/puzzle game based around parodies of famous gaming characters, and is available as both an N-Gage title and as a free web-based PC game too. There's an online multiplayer mode for up to four people, and an offline one-player story mode with cut scenes.
Genres: Online Multiplayer, Puzzle, Strategy || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: RedLynx, Availability: Out Now (Released in August 2008)

Snakes Subsonic

Snakes Subsonic is the sequel to Nokia's original N-Gage game Snakes, which was itself based a radical remake of the original 2D Snake game built into most Nokia phones.
Genres: Arcade, Online Multiplayer, Puzzle || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Barking Lizards, Availability: Out Now (Released in May 2008)

System Rush Evolution

System Rush Evolution is a futuristic racing / arcade game set in cyberspace, where you have to pilot a craft through a 3D world within a computer network. SRE is the sequel to the acclaimed System Rush on the original N-Gage.
Genres: Arcade, Online Multiplayer, Racing || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Ideaworks3D, Availability: Out Now (Released in February 2008)

Worms World Party

Worms is a surreal title filled with strange weapons and silly voices where cartoon worms compete to destroy each other. It's a sort of cross between a strategy game and an episode of Monty Python. As well as offline gameplay, Worms World Party lets you play online multiplayer through the internet in four-player deathmatches, and there's also an online ranking system.
Genres: Arcade, Online Multiplayer, Strategy || Publisher: THQ Wireless, Developer: Team17 (original) / Codeglue (mobile version), Availability: Out Now (Released in April 2009)

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