27 March 2010

N-Gage Games - Platform

Bounce: Boing Voyage

Inspired by Nokia's old embedded game Bounce, this is a rather strange 3D arcade game where you have to guide a red rubber ball through various mazes.
Genres: Arcade, Puzzle, Platform || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Rovio Mobile, Availability: Out Now (Released in August 2008)


This is a re-release of the classic 3D platformer originally released on the PlayStation featuring a jester and a wizard. The original gen N-Gage had a version of this game, but it's been beefed up for the next gen N-Gage platform with the PS1's video cut scenes and higher res graphics.
Genres: Arcade, Platform || Publisher: Electronic Arts & Eidos, Developer: Crystal Dynamics (PlayStation version) & Ideaworks3D (N-Gage version), Availability: Out Now (Released in May 2009)

Prince Of Persia

Prince Of Persia is an action platform game featuring a Persian hero making his way through a foreign land. The game combines 3D graphics with 2D gameplay.
Genres: Arcade, Platform || Publisher: Gameloft, Developer: Gameloft, Availability: Out Now (Released in March 2009)

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