24 March 2010

N-Gage Games - Puzzle

Boom Blox

Rather unusual this, it's a puzzle game originally released on the Wii and developed in association with Steven Spielberg (yes, that one).
Genres: Puzzle || Publisher: Electronic Arts, Developer: IUGO / Ideaworks3D, Availability: Out Now (Released in December 2008)

Bounce: Boing Voyage

Inspired by Nokia's old embedded game Bounce, this is a rather strange 3D arcade game where you have to guide a red rubber ball through various mazes.
Genres: Arcade, Puzzle, Platform || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Rovio Mobile, Availability: Out Now (Released in August 2008)

Brain Challenge

Brain Challenge provides a variety of different puzzle and logic games. The difficulty increases in conjunction with how well you do, and there are enough variations so that you never play the same puzzle twice.
Genres: Puzzle || Publisher: Gameloft, Developer: Gameloft, Availability: Out Now (Released in April 2008)

DChoc Cafe Sudoku

This is sudoku of course, the game where you fill in the missing numbers. This version is part of the DChoc Café series, which tries to encourage community interaction as well as casual gameplay.
Genres: Puzzle || Publisher: Digital Chocolate, Developer: Sumea & Gamelion, Availability: Out Now (Released in January 2009)

Reset Generation (formerly Project White Rock)

Reset Generation, previously codenamed Project White Rock, is a first party game published by Nokia and developed by RedLynx (who did Pathway To Glory and High Seize on the original gen N-Gage). It's a turn-based strategy/puzzle game based around parodies of famous gaming characters, and is available as both an N-Gage title and as a free web-based PC game too. There's an online multiplayer mode for up to four people, and an offline one-player story mode with cut scenes.
Genres: Online Multiplayer, Puzzle, Strategy || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: RedLynx, Availability: Out Now (Released in August 2008)

Snakes Subsonic

Snakes Subsonic is the sequel to Nokia's original N-Gage game Snakes, which was itself based a radical remake of the original 2D Snake game built into most Nokia phones.
Genres: Arcade, Online Multiplayer, Puzzle || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Barking Lizards, Availability: Out Now (Released in May 2008)

Super Mah Jong

As far as we know, this is actually based on the puzzle game Shanghai rather than the board game Mah Jong.
Genres: Puzzle || Publisher: I-Play, Developer: I-Play, Availability: 2009


It's good old Tetris, the same block-spinning puzzle game that made so many people buy Game Boys.
Genres: Puzzle || Publisher: Electronic Arts, Developer: Electronic Arts, Availability: Out Now (Released in February 2008)

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