17 April 2010

Ferrari GT 2 Revolution - Mobile N-gage Games

Enter the world's most prestigious car manufacturer and become a part of Ferrari legend. Take the 40 signed models from 1957 to 2010, including the last 599 XX and an impressive 458 Italia. Get driving pleasure from all these different cars in 50 challenges, such as Time Attack and Drift Races in 10 known locations around the world from New York to Dubai, and also you can Race on beautiful landscapes of South Africa. So, don't miss this chance!

Key Features:

- More than 20 authentic models of Ferrari;
- At least 10 locations around the world from New York to Dubai; 
- 50 various tasks; 
- The real driving conditions, including rain, thunder, lightning, and dynamic day and night; 
- New artificial intelligence allows to compete up to 8 players with their own driving skills.

License: FreewareDownload

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