17 April 2010

Kyranda - Mobile N-gage Games

License: FreewareDownload

Wear the clothes of a charming secret agent in the most breathtaking race ever seen!Kyranda Industries have special missions for you: are you ready to drive a supercar,with amazing weapons and tricks, to carry out them?You are Nancy, a secret agent in service of Kyranda Industries, a powerful militarycorporation that has decided to pursue dreadful criminals that ordinary justice isnot able to arrest. You have a fully armed supercar to succeed where justice failed. The player governs Nancy, a beautiful yet merciless secret agent, who has to carryout a series of missions for Kyranda Industries. At the beginning of each mission,Devon, chief of Kyranda, introduces the current task. Possible tasks belong to oneof the following categories: arresting a criminal, eliminating a criminal, seekingan object, retrieving an object. To carry out her task, Nancy has a supercar, withwhich she must reach her goal within a fixed maximum time.Besides crashing other cars, Nancy can enable special features by picking up thecorresponding bonus items: machineguns, cannon, jump and turbo-speed.

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