24 March 2010

N-Gage Games - Sports

AMF Bowling: Pinbusters

AMF Bowling Pinbusters is a ten-pin-bowling simulator which features online multiplayer gameplay through N-Gage Arena, as well as various offline single player modes.
Genres: Arcade, Online Multiplayer, Sports || Publisher: Vir2l, Developer: Vir2l, Availability: Out Now (Released in June 2009)


FIFA 08 is the latest installment from EA of the football simulator series officially endorsed by the governing body of world football.
Genres: Sports || Publisher: Electronic Arts, Developer: Gamelion Studios, Availability: Out Now (Released in April 2008)


Another year, another FIFA game from EA. Very similar to FIFA08 for N-Gage, FIFA09 has a more streamlined control system that uses fewer buttons along with some other minor enhancements.
Genres: Sports || Publisher: Electronic Arts, Developer: EA Romania, Availability: Out Now (Released in November 2008)

Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep

Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep is a 3D fishing title which combines sports, simulation and even role playing to create a detailed game world set across four real life resorts in Costa Rica, Alaska, Scotland and Thailand. Freeform gameplay, quests and tournaments are all available.
Genres: RPG, Simulation, Sports || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Infinite Dreams, Availability: Out Now (Released in February 2008)

Midnight Pool

As the name suggests, this is a 3D pool simulator. Playing against various barflies in various bars, you can view the pool table from any angle or position, and play with UK or US rules.
Genres: Simulation, Sports || Publisher: Gameloft, Developer: Gameloft, Availability: Out Now (Released in June 2008)

Pro Series Golf

Nokia presents its first ever First Party sports title with Pro Series Golf. This is a fully 3D game, with online multiplayer support including tournaments and other modes.
Genres: Online Multiplayer, Sports || Publisher: Nokia, Developer: Mineshaft, Availability: Out Now (Released in July 2008)

Real Football 2009

A footie simulator from Gameloft featuring the official licence of the Spanish Liga.
Genres: Sports || Publisher: Gameloft, Developer: Gameloft, Availability: Out Now (Released in March 2009)

Snowboard Hero

A snowboarding simulation featuring tricks, races and various playing modes.
Genres: Racing, Sports || Publisher: Fishlabs, Developer: Fishlabs, Availability: 2009

Super Slam Ping Pong

A table tennis game featuring some level of humour, with cartoonish opponents that have their own strengths and weaknesses.
Genres: Sports || Publisher: Glu Mobile, Developer: Glu Mobile, Availability: 2009

Tiger Woods PGA Tour

A professional golf simulator, part of the long-running Tiger Woods PGA franchise.
Genres: Sports || Publisher: Electronic Arts, Developer: Electronic Arts, Availability: 2009

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